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Antique Solid Silver - Exeter Silver  

Charles I West Country Apostle
Spoon with a fig shape bowl,
Tapering stem,with a gilded
Apostle finial [St Simon]
With Pin marks of AI over
IA 1648 on the back of the bowl
7 ¾ inches [19.7cm] in length

Mark of John Lavers of Exeter 
circa 1630-40

C041 ....SOLD.....

Early English Silver
Antique Silver – West Country Silver
Charles II Lace-back Trefid Spoon
   John Peard (I) Barnstaple

A Rare Charles II Lace-back Trefid
with the mark of John Peard (I)
Barnstaple Circa 1680 with
ribbed Rat-tail and foiate scrolls
to the both the rear of the bowl
and end of the Trefid
8 ¼  inches [21.2cm] length

Hallmarks: Circa 1680
Maker: John Peard (I) Barnstaple

B056 ...SOLD...

Early English Silver
Antique Silver - West Country Silver

A Wm III Lace-back Trefid Spoon
With the mark of John Murch
Plymouth Circa 1695 with
ribbed Rat-tail and foiate scrolls
to the both the rear of the bowl
and end of the Trefid
8 inches [20cm] length

Hallmarks: Circa 1695
Maker John Murch Plymouth


Early English Silver
Antique Silver - West Country Silver

A William & Mary Trefid Spoon
with the mark of Thomas Salter
Circa 1690 with ribbed Rat-tail
9  inches [23cm] length

Hallmarks: Circa 1695
Maker: Thomas Salter of Exeter

B059 ....SOLD...

Early English Silver
Antique Silver - West Country Silver

A Rare Charles I Child's Puritan Spoon

with the Fruit mark in the bowl
twice on the back of the stem
the Quick Family Workshop
4 inches [20cm] length

Hallmarks: Circa 1630
Maker: Quick Family Barnstaple

£2650 UK£

An Early English Sterling Silver

West Country Spoon
John Honeychurch of Penzance  

A Rare William & Mary Trefid Spoon

with the mark of John Huneychurch

of Penzance, Circa 1690 with ribbed

Rat-tail. 7 ¼  inches [12cm] length  

Hallmarks: Circa 1690

Maker: John Honeychurch

           Of Penzance  

£2250 UK£

Antique Silver Exeter Silver
    An Early Queen Ann
         Provincial Mug        

A Queen Ann Britannia standard
Silver Provincial straight sided Mug
half Fluted with a beaded baton band
standing on a moulded skirt base
with a ribbed S loop handle

3 ¼ inches [8 cm] high

Hallmarks: Exeter 1706
Maker: John Elston Senior 

#Y080  ...SOLD.....
Antique Silver Exeter Silver
 Geo III Wine Funnel     

A West Country Silver Geo III
Wine Funnel
of plain form
and in two
sections with
strait sided
filter with a
beaded edge,
and shell thumb
piece and
a squat bellied bowl
Very heavy construction
6 1/2 inches [16.5cm] high
& 3 ½ inches in dia

Hallmarks: Exeter 1799
Maker: believe to be by
             George Ferris of Exeter

#X052  ....SOLD......
Antique Silver Exeter Silver
   William IV coffee pot,

A William IV provincial coffee
pot, with a compressed circular
body with a single band of
reeded and gadrooned decoration
to the domed cover,
fluted spout and acanthus
capped scroll handle,
raised on a cast oak leaf,
acorn base and
paw feet,
8 3/4inches [22cm. High] 

Maker: William Woodman, Exeter,
Hallmark: Exeter 1835, 

Antique Solid Silver – Exeter Silver 
 A Charles I provincial apostle
Spoon by Edward Anthony

A provincial Charles I Apostle
Spoon, of St Matthew with
St Espirt Nimbus with pricked
initials TD and TB on the back
of the bowl and the maker’s
mark for Edward Anthony,
Exeter, struck three times to
the stem
8inches [20cm]. long, 1.92ozs.

Maker: Edward Anthony, Exeter
Hallmark: Exeter c1640 

Antique Georgian Exeter Silver
A West Country Spoon Tray

Antique Georgian Exeter Silver
A Rare George I  West Country

Spoon Tray oval in shape
with fluted Edge.
6.1/2” [16.3mm

Hallmark: Exeter 1723
Maker: Samuel Blachford
of Plymouth

 ....SOLD..... #U037
Antique Solid Silver – Exeter Silver
A Rare Geo I Provincial Tumbler Cup

A Rare West Country Geo I
Tumbler Cup of plain form
believed to be the only Known
West Country fully hallmarked
Tumbler Cup
2 inches[5cm] in dia and
1 3/8inches [3.5cm] in height
and in Excellent Condition

Hallmark: Exeter 1722

Maker: John Elson senior

X03 *****SOLD******
Antique Silver Exeter Silver


A very fine and rare example of 
a Provencal George II Snuffer Tray
Standing on four hoof feet
with a raised rim and a side
scroll handle engraved
The Stand is 6.8 inches[17cm]
in length
and 3inches [7.5cm]
in width

Hallmarks: Exeter 1732
Maker:  Samuel Willmott

   #X018  ***SOLD***
Antique Silver Exeter Silver
A pair of Wm VI Asparagus Tongs

A rare pair of provencal
WmVI Asparagus Tongs
10ins [25.4cm] in length
in fine condition 

Hallmark: 1830
Maker: Wm H Lake of Taunton

 #V049  ***SOLD***
Antique Solid Silver – Exeter Silver 
A late 17th Century Provincial 

         Trefid spoon

A good example of a late 17th Century
Trefid spoon By Daniel slade
Exeter 1690
the stem being struck
with the markers make

twice and the Exon mark the terminal
pin pricked RG over GR 1693

18.5 cm long with good clear marks

Hallmark: Exeter 1690
Maker: Daniel slade  

X023 ****SOLD***
Antique Silver – Exeter Silver
 A Rare Exeter Stilton Scoop

A Rare West Country Stilton
Scoop with full hallmarks for
Exeter 1873 with a fine ivory
Handle 9 1/2 inches[24.2cm] long

Hallmark: Exeter 1873
Maker: Francis E Stone of Exeter

W060 .....SOLD....
Antique Silver – Exeter Silver
Geo II Provincial Lemon Strainer

A Rare West Country Geo II
Lemon Strainer of plain form,
Exquisitely pierced interior
with a plain flat Ring handle
and with a jug lip
4 1/4 inches[10.8cm] in length
3 3/8inches [8.4cm] wide
and in fine Condition

Hallmark: Exeter 1730
Maker: Pentecost Symonds

V085 ....SOLD....

Antique Silver – Exeter Silver
A fine George IV Mustard pot

A large George IV Mustard pot
of drum form with gadroon
to the rim and a band of
reed decoration to the base
complete with blue glass
2 1/2inches dia [6.3 cm] and
2 1/4inches [5.6cm] high

Hallmark: Exeter 1829
Maker: Joseph Hicks

W010 ..SOLD....
Antique Silver – Exeter Silver
   A Victorian shawl brooch

           by Henry Ellis

A very good example of a Mid Victorian
shawl brooch in the form of engraved bow,
The Safety Shawl Brooch registered
by Henry Ellis of Exeter in 1847

Hallmark: Exeter 1847
Maker: Henry Ellis

 Henry Samuel Ellis was the inventor of the
“safety brooch,” which was expertly designed
with a completely secure catch. 
Patented in 1847, it utilizes a clever safety
bolt that slides back and forth to secure the

Antique Exeter Silver
A Regency pair of wine coasters

 A pair of Geo III wine coasters
of circular fluted form

with decorated borders and
base with
central silver button

15cm/6”dia and 5cm 2 high

Hallmark: Exeter 1814
Maker: George Ferris

Antique Silver Exeter Silver
    Geo III Condiment Boat
        by John Osment

A small but rare Goe III 
    Condiment Boat
4in [10cm] in length
1 1/2in 3.2cm high to
top of handle

Hallmark: 1818
Makers:  John Osment

       Antique Exeter Silver

 A Pair Grape Scissors

A Fine Pair of Victorian Fiddle
& Shell Grape Scissors. 
8”[20.2cm] long
Excellent condition

Hallmark: Exeter 1861
Makers: James& Josiah Williams

Antique Silver: Exeter Silver   
  A Geo I Half Pint Mug by
            Philip Elston

A Good Geo I Half Pint Mug,
made in Exeter in 1726
by Philip Elston.

Of plain straight-sided form
with S-shape scroll handle,
of heavey construction.
bearing an armorial on a

spreading circular foot.
4.5in [11.5cm] high, 3.25in
[ 8.2cm] wide

Hallmarks: Exeter 1726
Maker: Philip Elston

V044  ...SOLD....
Antique Silver Exeter Silver
 A Pair of circular Salts  

A Fine Pair of Victorian circular
Salts embossed with floral pattern
Complete with Blue Glass
2.5” [6.2 cm] dia
Excellent condition

Hallmark: Exeter 1873
Makers: James& Josiah Williams

#U007 .....SOLD.....  
Antique Silver: Exeter Silver
A Provincial Tea Pot Stand

A Provincial Tea Pot Stand 
of octagonal form with s
tylised flower ribbon border
with central monogrammed
cartouche standing on reeded legs
7” [17cm] long
Excellent condition

Hallmark: 1878
Makers:  J Wipple & Co

V020  ....SOLD...
Antique Silver: Exeter Silver   
   A Large Geo I caster 
Richard Vavasour  of Totnes

A very rare and large
West Country Geo I Caster,

of vase form with moulded
borders, domed pierced cover

with diaper work pattern,
and finished
with a fine finial
7.5in (19cm) high,
3 1/4"in wide

Hallmark: Exeter 1714
Maker: Richard Vavasour 
of Totnes 

V038  ...SOLD...
Antique Silver: Exeter Silver
A Case Set of Twelve Tea Spoons

A set of Twelve Victorian
Tea Spoons and Sugar Tongs
finely engraved with an aesthetic
movement pattern to the handles
Complete with original silk lined
case 5 ”[125cm] long
Excellent condition

Hallmark: 1881
Makers:  Joseph Williams

 V015  ...SOLD...
      Antique Exeter Silver
A fine Decorated Three piece Tea Set

 A fine Victorian Oval shapedT
hree Piece Tea Set
Consisting of the Tea pot, milk jug

and sugar bowl, each piece being
decorated with bright cut engraving,
of floral baskets, birds and swags
of leafs, with vacant panels,
beading to the top, bottom edges
and of very heavy construction 

Hallmark: Exeter 1878
Maker: J Wipple & Co


Antique Newcastle Silver
  A Pair of circular Salts 

A Fine Pair of George II
Newcastle compressed
Circular Salts With beaded rim
and on 3 hoofed feet
2.5” [6.2 cm] dia
Excellent condition

Hallmark: Newcastle 1750
Makers: John Kirkup

Antique Silver – Exeter Silver
A large Victorian Wine Goblet

A large Exeter Silver Victorian
Wine Goblet Fine engraving
Standing 8 ½”[21 1/2cm] high
with a 4” [10cm] in dia bowl

Hallmark: Exeter 1877
Maker: Wipple & Co

Antique Silver – Exeter Silver

A Fine Victorian Exeter Silver
               Wine ewer,

decorated with scrollwork sash to
the body
and beaded rim and
scrolling handle,
on a circular
decortated foot,

standing 15 ½” 39.4cm to the
top of the handle

Hallmark: Exeter 1881
Maker: J Whipple & Co of Exeter

Antique Exeter Silver
     Batchers Tea Pot

A Batchers Tea Pot
Decorated with band of floral leafs
and reed pattern to the base and lid
5” [12.7 cm] long

Hallmark: Exeter 1853
Makers: James & Josiah Williams
Antique Silver - Exeter Silver
        A Silver-gilt miniature 

      folding photograph frame

A Fine Victorian Silver-gilt miniature
folding portrait frame with five hinged
sections revealing four panels
with engraving to both Covers and
Panels. 2” by 1 1/3” when folded
and 7 1/2”
when expanded
[5cm x 3.8cm] and [19cm]

Hallmarks: Exeter 1862
Maker: Henry Lake of Exeter

Antique Silver – Exeter Silver
       Geo III Nutmeg Greater

A Large rare George III Plain oblong
Nutmeg grater with hinged cover
to both top and base.
2” [5cm] long x
1 ¼”[3.2cm]wide

Hallmark: Exeter 1815
Maker: Joseph Hicks
Antique Georgian Exeter Silver

 A George I straight-sided Mug

 A Scarce George I  straight-sided
Mug with single beaded upper ring
over a lower fluted body and ridge
moulded base and handle. 9cm high

Hallmark: Exeter 1714
Maker: crown E.I. John Elston Snr.

       Antique Silver Exeter
A large two handle oval tray
A fine Victorian two handle large
oval Tray with central band of
engraved acanthus leaves,
with beaded edge and handles,
raised on bun feet,
24 ¼” x 16 ¼”  [62 x 42cm]
measured handle to handle

Hallmark: 1860
Makers: J Wipple & Co

Antique Exeter Silver
   Bachelor Teapot

A fine Victorian Bachelor Teapot
Of fine proportions, compressed
Shaped globular teapot with
figural finial, domed cover
with scroll capped handle
embossed with flowers and
scrolls with spreading foot

Hallmark: Exeter 1885
Makers: James and Josiah Williams


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